10.04.16 Taking the jump: K-State Parachute Club provides more than just an adrenaline rush

9.27.16 Making the K-State Student Union, a ‘student’ Union

9.16.16 Racism controversy dominates SGA meeting

9.15.16 Bryan Pinkall inspires with more than Olympic successes

9.14.16 Stand Up for Your Sisters: One woman’s work for mental health awareness

9.1.16 Sharon Thielen creates lasting impact on College of Agriculture

8.30.16 Student firefighters ‘always learning’ on, off the job

8.26.16 Sisters of Sound Records: Working to encourage the love of vinyl

8.21.16 OPINION: ‘Minority’ needs to go

8.24.16 Riley County EMS providing more than just a college job

8.23.16 OPINION: Shut the door on old opinions, open your mind

7.20.16 OPINION: We’re the ultimate followers

7.6.16 OPINION: College rankings hurt students

6.29.16 OPINION: Brand loyalty means we’re just comfortable followers

6.15.16 OPINION: Technology takes away best of us, creativity takes a hit

5.6.16 OPINION: Mental health changing with the generations

4.14.16 Opinion: Animal shelter background checks do more good than harm

4.5.16 OPINION: Exploring poverty’s cyclical addiction

4.4.16 OPINION: Everyone should try going cruelty-free

3.25.16 SGA introduces changes for privilege fees, health and wellness commission to be developed

3.22.16 Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom-Jena Ernsting

3.21.16 OPINION: Stepping out of comfort zone leads to world of possibilities

3.14.15 Odyssey: 11 Thoughts when painting your nails

3.11.16 The march toward free textbooks

3.11.16 SGA requires 2.0 GPA for undergraduate Senate members

3.7.16 Odyssey: Reality Check, Thank Your Mom

3.6.16 A voter’s holiday would create a larger electorate

3.4.16 K-State hosts Strengths Week 2016

3.4.16 SGA votes against religious discrimination

2.28.16 Odyssey: Fighting the Norm, Living in the Moment

2.15.16 Odyssey: 18 Going on 80

2.8.16 Odyssey: 3 Truths About Love

2.2.16 Americans setting themselves up for failure in 2016 election

1.27.16 Lesson from your younger self: say no

1.26.16 Far from home: developing independence in college

9.3.15 OPINION: Gun ownership and changing the social norm

7.28.15 OPINION: Abortion: a word that kills

7.14.15 OPINION: The sad truth of the helicopter parent

6.30.15 OPINION: SPF infinity please

6.16.15 Graduate programs rise in national rankings

6.16.15 OPINION: The long unnescessary march towards raising the minimum wage

4.20.15 OPINION: K-State pride is deeper than purple

4.13.15 Apparel, design students show off their designs

4.3.15 OPINION: Accepting gender neutral housing

3.31.15 Education funding and KPERS dominate Intergovernmental Luncheon discussion

3.31.15 “With a Purpose”

3.29.15 K-State roots: Lasting a lifetime

3.27.15 Blanket for a Blanket initiative follows one-for-one business model

3.27.15 OPINION: Religion is good, not just God

3.9.15 OPINION: Importance of GPA reaches into the real world

3.2.15 Kansas’ agriculture industry could suffer from more than budget cuts

2.27.15 OPINION: Gun control too controlling

2.25.15 City Commission seeks to continue economic development

2.19.15 Manhattan Regional Airport expecting more changes

2.15.15 MAPJ spearheads fight for social justice

2.8.15 OPINION: Brownback cuts are more trouble than they are worth

2.5.15 Legislation aims to outlaw revenge porn

2.1.15 OPINION: Graffiti should not be considered art

1.26.15 OPINION: Amber Alerts on social media will help find missing children

1.19.15 OPINION: Brownback’s State of the State stated very little

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