Places we love, going home

Saying goodbye is hard, especially to friends and family. However, there are a few mindsets that can make saying goodbye easier.


Jenn and I in downtown Detroit. I had to get my Starbucks “Places” mug.


If there is something I dislike very much, it is saying goodbye. Whether that is goodbye to a friend as they are off to begin an adventure or saying goodbye to my parents.

But if there is anything I have learned growing up, it is that goodbye is just a part of life. It is something you need to learn to say in order to move on.

So, what makes saying goodbye easier?

  1. Knowing the goodbye isn’t a forever goodbye.
  2. Having an understanding that your goodbye is leading to other opportunities.
  3. Saying goodbye means you won’t see each other as much, but it does mean you will have plenty more to talk about when you meet again.

I believe the best goodbye I said was after my junior year of high school. One of my best friends graduated a year before me.

She lived in my high school’s dorms and is from South Korea. Jenn is a year older than me, so she graduated a year before I did. Her graduation meant going back to Korea for the summer then moving to Detroit for college. However, that also meant we really didn’t know when we would reconnect in person again. We would throw around ideas, but never settled on anything.

That goodbye was hard, probably the hardest. I knew I would see her again, but I didn’t know if it would be months from then or years. But like any good friends do, we kept in relatively close contact through iMessage, facetime and Snapchat. Even though we were in different states or even different continents, we never let the distance get to us.

Fast forward from her graduation in 2013 to November 2015. I found a great flight and hit up Detroit for a long weekend at the beginning of my Thanksgiving break.

The most amazing part about my trip, it seemed like time was at a standstill for us. I can’t even remember what we talked about, but it was as if no time had passed. Our friendship had withstood the test of time and distance, and I honestly cannot think of a better friendship than that.

Saying goodbye at the end of that trip was hard. Probably one of the hardest goodbyes since the last time we had said it, but knowing that our friendship was solid changed the tone. This goodbye wasn’t as sad or melancholy, although I think I cried once I got through security, it was joyous knowing that the next time we saw each other nothing between us would really change.

I had a post about goodbyes in my drafts, knowing it was something important to write about; however, the topic had evaded me until Jenn called this past Tuesday. She was on her way back to Detroit after spending a summer in Korea. She happened to call and text me a bajillion¬†of times while I was in class. Unfortunately, I couldn’t talk to her that day, but the following day we reconnected between my classes and caught up on each other.

I do miss Jenn, just like I miss a lot of my friends, but I know that the next adventure is not too far away and they are just a phone call, iMessage, facetime or visit away.