I Moved

The obvious has occurred…I moved! No longer am I a resident of Manhattan, Kansas. Hello Gothenburg, Nebraska! The boxes have been packed, moved and unpacked, which means the settling in has began.

What makes this move exciting? There are a few reasons.

The first is that I had never been to Nebraska! We don’t know how it happened, but hey, I guess there is a first time for everything.¬† Second, Gothenburg is a little further away from my many homes, thus making the “adulting” a little more real. And the last reason I will list is that this move was a completely bind move. I had not visited Gothenburg, I had not even seen a picture of my house before I moved, nor did I know one person here. All those reasons made the move a bit more daunting than anticipated.

I have been asked a lot of questions about this move, so here are some answers.

Commonly asked questions:

Why did you move? 
My boyfriend accepted a job in the area, and I didn’t have any concrete plans to move anywhere specific, which has allowed me to move there with him.

Did you graduate?
No, I did not graduate from K-State this spring. After getting fed up with a cycle of reoccurring health issues, I have decided to take a step back from in-person classes to reduce stress.

Will you graduate/what are you going to do now?
Yes, I plan to finish up my K-State classes once I feel like it is something I can do successfully. To keep my brain sharp and continue my education in an area I am passionate about, I began taking classes online this summer through Fort Hays State University in Elementary Education. I expect to finish this program in about two years and then finish up at K-State.

Do you have a job?
YES! I HAVE A JOB! YAY! I had been applying everywhere in Gothenburg and the surrounding communities. Fortunately, I was hired as a paraeducator for the upcoming school year. I will be employed at an elementary school that only has kindergarten and first-grade classrooms, and I will be working in a special education classroom.

The last couple of weeks through the end of June, I have been working at the high school for their summer school program in an algebra classroom. It has been a great change of scenery and opportunity to stretch my brain muscles, but I look forward to getting back to the little kids once the school year begins.

Will you live in Gothenburg forever?
No, for now, Gothenburg is just a pit stop, and I look forward to moving to many more places and different little towns and cities as life progresses.

Ummm…what have you been doing?
After deciding to step back from in-person classes in February, I also stepped away from my job at the Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom, where I had worked since fall of 2014.

In order to make an educated decision regarding my pending major change to Elementary Education, I decided to seek out a job as a paraeducator to gain some in-classroom experience. Right before spring break, I was hired at an elementary school in Manhattan, where I worked with kindergarten, fourth grade, fifth grade and sixth grade. Little to say, I loved it and am so excited to one day have my own classroom!

In the meantime, I have done some freelance design work, edited a lot of papers for friends and worked on designing some baby shower invitations (see them here) and bridal shower invitations.

I would like to continue doing freelance design and writing, as well as find more opportunities to design. I am currently working on adding to an Etsy shop I recently started. Visit JenaErnstingDesigns on Etsy here to order your custom invitation, postcard or design today (seriously though, I can design you whatever your heart desires)!