Obsessions of the week

Favorite things this week!

I just learned that “OOTD” stands for. “Outfit of the day” for those of you like me, who don’t know.

In lieu of this new, cool acronym  and the fact that I am a serial outfit offender, as I am constantly repeating outfits; I have decided to create my own fancy acronym, “OOTW,” which stands for “obsessions of the week.”

This week my obsessions have been few and far between; however, some are worthy to note.

Gilmore Girls Prints

Like many millennial women of a certain age, I love Gilmore Girls! Who doesn’t? Can we not all relate a bit to Rory? My single-parent household, stuffed bookshelf, crazy banter and perfectionism sure do align with her! I am so glad her and the rest of Stars Hollow will be gracing us with their presence again this fall, finally!!!

Well, some incredibly creative woman, owner of the Etsy shop, WindowShopGal, has created the perfect prints to go along with my obsession. It feeds my love of art, specifically print art, and my love of Gilmore Girls to a ‘T.’ Check out her store here.

WindowShopGal also has some other amazing prints based off of books and movies you may know well!

I would love to have each season in print to hang vertically on one of my walls!


Buy it here!
Buy it here!











Stranger Things

So, I may have watched all of Stranger Things in less than a week! No shame because it was one of the most riveting shows I have watched in forever. My binge watching was affirmed when I went home and caught up with my bestie from high school, who said he was equally obsessed with watching it.

The young actors are so good. I cannot wait until 2017 when the next season comes out. Hopefully, they will include more episodes in the next season. Either way…here is an interview three of the cast did with Chelsea Handler.

Millie Bobby Brown, the young woman who plays El is hilarious! She kind of reminds me of Emma Watson. I basically want to be her six years ago…actually now, today I want to be her. Watch the interview with Chelsea Handler here!

Story behind the meme

If there is one thing I love, it is a good story. It doesn’t matter if it is fictional or factual, on television or in a good book. If I can immerse myself into a new world then I’m sold!


Find the story here!


A Facebook friend shared, “The Incredible Story Behind The Senior Freshman Meme,” a Refinery29 article by Amanda Green. The story follows the life of Nola Ochs, who is from Jetmore, Kansas, and primarily focuses on her calling, to completing her bachelor’s degree at 94 years old. Go Nola!

As a lover of education at any age, this story resonated with me. Who knows, maybe I’ll be the 94-year-old in the classroom some day on round two of college, correcting my professor.

2 Girls 4 Movies

We watched some movies and reviewed them in 3ish sentences or less.

Give us 3 nights, we will watch 4 movies! I recently visited my friend Sara before she officially starts her “big girl” job as an eighth grade teacher (Whoop! Whoop! Sara!). It was a great long weekend visiting a couple new states before classes start in August, and to fill our nights, we watched movies! And for you, we reviewed them in 3ish sentences each.

Monty Python & the Holy Grail

IMDB it here!

Sara: 5 STARS
I really enjoy British humor, so this is a must see for me. The comedy troupe employees historical narratives while also maintaining an absurdity that is also endearing. It also helps that I have memorized practically the entire thing.
Jena: 3 STARS
We are currently still watching this movie. I feel like I may have seen bits and pieces in high school English class. Maybe some parts wouldn’t be so over my head if I was actually watching it; however, I am personally not a huge humor/slapstick comedy person. Jena quote repeated throughout the movie, “They’re so weird! Oh my gosh!”

The Intern

IMDB it here!

Sara: 4.5 STARS
Anne Hathaway’s performance was absolutely wonderful! I really enjoyed some of the light-heartedness of the movie, but I was also surprised that it could make me cry. It kind of made me want to be the character, Jules.
Jena: 4.5 STARS
Yes. This is the second time I have watched this movie, and it was better the second time around. We all need a mentor and friend we can fall back on, and watching Jules, Anne Hathaway, find that was beautiful. Also, who doesn’t want an uber-successful internet start up?

How to be Single


Sara: 4 STARS
I really enjoyed the unique perspective, and I liked the different personalities showcased so it could mirror most women in one way or another. However, there were some raunchy scenes.
Jena: 4.5 STARS
No movie deserves 5 stars, with the exception of the Sisterhood of the Traveling pants franchise, but this one was really close! Laugh out loud took on an entirely different meaning while watching the women in this film take on the single life. It was great seeing Alice, played by Dakota Johnson, take on the single life like a boss. This movie sure provides a boost of confidence for women everywhere.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

IMDB it here!

Sara: 3.5-4 STARS
I liked that they brought back a lot of familiar characters that made us laugh. The plot was a bit meandering and confusing at some points, but all and all it was a lot of laugh.
Jena: 3 STARS
There were bits and pieces that were utterly historical, but there were also parts where I was questioning real life. I enjoy movies that could potentially depict real life, so there were some dissipating parts for me. However, it is always great to bring back an oldie but a goodie!