Books to Buy

I’m always craving a good book. Here are 7 books I want to read ASAP!

Since I provided a list of the books I have been reading, I thought it would only be fair to provide a list of books I would like to read. I have two weeks before school starts and in the mean time I have been working and studying for a big test. However, I know I should read a couple good books (or more) while time is seemingly more available.

Speaking of reading books while time allows…I found that when I take time for me, like reading a book for 30 minutes every night that my life seems to be a little less stressful. I know it can seem daunting adding something into your schedule to reduce the stress, but I think it works!

As school approaches, with work and some other activities I know will keep me busy, I want to read at least three books each month. That is a little less than one book a week. I will see if I can do it!

Here are some books in my Amazon cart at this very moment!


You Are Having a Good TimeThe Hopefuls
Nine Women, One DressModern LoversThe Singles Game
Shadow WorkGrit

Have any good books in your cart? I’m always looking for something new or different!